Atal Cement is a Nepali Cement company established with the aim to provide the best quality cement manufactured in Nepal. It was established with a broad vision to provide quality OPC, PPC and PSC cement to the Nepalese market which was sustained over the imported cements. Keeping that in mind, Atal Cement took the initiative to explore the Nepalese limestone mines with the purpose to produce international quality cement in Nepal and now has become the largest manufacturing cement company in Nepal.

The efforts of Atal Cement has laid the foundation for quality production of cement in Nepal and has helped in reducing the import of cements, which is a big boon to the Nepalese economy. In a short span of production time, Atal Cement became the most potential & fast-growing company all-over Nepal, and would eventually take their place as market leaders.

Atal Cement Manufacturing Facilities is situated at the industrial Krishnanagar, Kapilvastu, Nepal, where rapid infrastructural development is witnessed every now and then. Atal Cement has invested hugely in human resources, production processes, infrastructures, and the capital, making it one of the largest cement manufacturing plants in Nepal.

With access to self-owned superior quality limestone deposits, Atal Cement has access to high-grade lime content that gives the utmost strength. Other features of this limestones are low alkali, magnesia, and chloride contents, which are highly desirable parameters for concrete durability.

The art technology adopted by the company at the plant consists of famous international technology for grinding cements to achieve the most fineness & controlled particle size. All the equipment used by our company is designed and supplied by experts. The digital control system is used for kiln and cement mills to ensure prompt corrective response through the computer-based control system.

Our European technology for cement production guarantees superior quality, making every pack to be a class apart. Our company has also invested in pollution control equipments and is devoted to dust/smoke-free, clean and green environments. Our major products support today’s sustainable construction for future generations.   

Furthermore, at Atal Cement we provide our customers more than just OPC, PPC, and PSC.

Our Features

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Robotic Lab

Robotic lab produces quality consistent cement and monitors quality control. We believe in our robotic arms to provide you with the highest grade of cement with no human errors.

Ultrasonic System

Ultrasonic compressive-strength test, a high-frequency sound pulses to a cement slurry sample and measures the length of time required for the sound wave to travel completely through the sample. As the cement hardens, the wave travels faster and takes a shorter time to reach the other end of the sample.

Technical Support

The Technical support team of engineers and technicians are generate variety technical service and support to Client. Our technical service representatives work directly with customer to test and improve their working and products.


Vertical Roller Mill (VRM) is the most advanced technology in cement production procedure. With higher fineness achieved with VRM, it creates stronger and better quality concrete and thus, proves its superiority over other cement brand.